About Us

To design and produce exquisite fashionable clothes and other sundry wears of international standard, making the synergy of fabrics, needle and thread, combine with our creative prowess to create world-class products that will not only place Nigeria in the light of the world’s fashion conglomeration and be a destination for fashion enthusiasts but be affordable to everyone.


To create out -of -the-box designs and products, while putting into focus the paramount necessity to be unique, standing out from the others, help redefine and re-ginger the fashion market scope, be productive in our thinking and marketing and above all, our customer is our top priority.

The need for Nigerians to patronize our home-made clothing gets more apt by the day. Jobs must be created to keep the polity and economy alive. A product purchased by you means hundreds of Nigerians involved in the production, from the shipment or local production of the fabrics and its accessories, to the sellers of such, and the designers and marketers of what the designers live on, would have their means of livelihood sustained. It’s a long chain of survivors you would be sustaining by your action to buy our products.

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