T-Shirt Dresses

Go for the ultimate off-duty look in our effortless range of t-shirt dresses. A versatile go-to wardrobe staple that earns easy style points whatever the occasion. Opt for a basic tee shirt dress in this seasons favourite colour hues and style down with some fresh box kicks layered up with on-trend denims. Or experiment with your look and take a simple T-shirt dress style accessorised with fierce eye-popping jewellery for extra glam. Our T-shirt dresses can take you from minimal to extra across all of the seasons girl.

Ankara Jacket / Dress

Every year brings its own fashion. 2018 is no exception. Vicmetri Cloth Ankara fashion has been trendy for quite a while and designers are going to make great effort in 2018 to please Ankara fashionistas that enjoy diversity most of all.

We have selected several outstanding Ankara dress styles that will make you very special in the crowd. Ankara dress style is so unique and bright that the only thing you’ll have to do is rush to your tailor and order your new luxurious dress!